Casino hold ‘em is based on and is quite similar to the popular Texas hold ‘em poker game. The big difference between the two games is that when you play casino hold ‘em you play against the dealer and not other players like in Texas hold ‘em poker. The aim is to have a better hand than the dealer using the two cards you are dealt and the five community cards in the middle of the table. There is an option to place a side bet on aces or higher to add a little extra to your possible winnings.

When you play iPhone casino hold ‘em you will first place your ante bet and if you wish, your aces or higher side bet. The dealer and the player are then dealt two cards each and three of the community cards are dealt to the middle of the table. At that time you can either fold, losing your ante bet and possibly the side bet, or you can call. Your call bet must be equal to or double the amount of your ante bet. If you call, the last two community cards are dealt to the middle of the table. The dealer and the player then make the best five card poker hand and the one with the highest poker value wins. If you made a side bet and your hand contains aces or higher you receive sevenfold or twenty fivefold your bet.

Download an iPhone Casino Hold ‘em  App

Download wonderful applications designed specifically for the iPhone and delve into the fantastic virtual world of iPhone casino hold ‘em. With realistic and lively graphics, lovely soothing melodic sound effects and a professional dealer narrating as the game unfolds, you will literally feel as though you are sitting at a real table in Vegas. You will, however, be enjoying this virtual world of glitz and fortune on your iPhone no matter where you are. So whether you are on the go or relaxing at home there is no more dreaming of trips to land based casinos in order to win big, your chances of fortune are literally at your fingertips.

Enjoy Casino Hold ‘em for Free

If you are unsure about whether you would like to start playing iPhone casino hold ‘em with real money, there are plenty of online mobile casinos offering free casino games. These are suitable to be played directly in your browser and you do not have to register or sign up to any casinos in order to play. This gives you the option to spend some time gaining better knowledge of casino sites and the game itself before you make the decision to try your luck with real money wins. This is also a fantastic opportunity for those who are unfamiliar with the rules and strategy of iPhone casino hold ’em allowing the players some practice rounds to increase their skills before depositing real money.

Start Playing iPhone Casino Hold ‘em

Always be sure to choose reputable online gambling Canada casinos to download or play directly in, to ensure that not only the game features will be brilliant quality but also your funds and personal details will be completely safe and secure. You will find an overwhelming selection of welcome bonuses and special promotions to entice you. Once you have chosen your iPhone casino hold ‘em game you can begin your virtual journey and enjoy this highly entertaining version of poker.