The NBA is one of the best leagues to follow, not just for basketball fans but for online bettors too. New Zealands can bet on this popular sport online in safe and trusted environments and stand the chance to win real money prizes.

There is a large selection of betting option when it comes to the NBA but this does not mean that all online betting sites are New Zealand friendly or even trustworthy. Finding a recommended site that is reliable is easy and the first step to getting in on all of the NBA betting action.

Introducing the National Basketball Association

The NBA’s popularity in New Zealand comes from the fact that it is the USA’s top professional basketball league consisting of 30 clubs, one of which is New Zealand’s Toronto Raptors. The NBA is considered to be the world’s best basketball league and the most well-known league in the world.

It all began in 1946 in New York City where the league was established. Over the years there were several changes that occurred. It is now one of the biggest online betting markets with some of the most diverse betting options. Almost all online sports betting sites for New Zealands will have plenty of NBA betting opportunities.

The Top NBA Betting Options

The popularity of punting on the NBA in New Zealand means that pretty much all of the sites have at least the common betting options. When it comes to props, you may find that they differ slightly from site to site. Prop bets include instances such as which player might get injured first and so on.

NBA Betting Options

The top NBA bets include moneyline bets which are one of the most common bets to place. This is predicting which team will win and which team will lose. The final score will however be irrelevant.

Game totals is another popular bet consisting of predicting the scores of each team and whether they are more or less than a predetermined number. This type of bet is also referred to as overs and unders.

The point spread is a handicap betting option that allows for all sides to be bet on. This means that the favourites to win may have smaller pay outs and the underdogs are given points and bigger pay outs.

Picking a Solid NBA Betting Site

Finding a New Zealand friendly online sports betting site is not hard but if you want the best experience it must be a solid betting site. In order to know if your chosen site is worthy, look at how safe and secure it is, what banking methods it accepts, what kind of bonuses and promotions are on offer and what range of bets are available.

When a site is trusted and secure you are guaranteed hassle free NBA betting in New Zealand. This leaves you with the comfort of knowing you can place solid bets in a safe environment. Like researching by some punters of horse betting online, it is best to know what wagering options are available, how they work, what the odds are and what the expected pay out may be.