Players of online slots games are more often than not coming to expect the newest slots games to offer bonus rounds or extra features. Castle Builder slots do offer some bonus features to players.

The main bonus feature is known as Castle Construction. The objective here is to land at least two of the building material symbols on any active payline. Based on the number of building material symbols that the player is able to get, the player will receive some higher value blocks. If two building materials appear on the active payline, the player will receive standard value blocks. Three building materials gives the player bronze value blocks, and silver value blocks can be acquired by getting four building materials. Finally, five building materials symbols will result in gold value blocks.

The point with this whole bonus feature is that the higher the value of the blocks that are used in Castle Builder, the higher the final worth of the castle when it is complete. During the game, as these blocks are gradually collected, they will appear on the left of the screen as the castle slowly starts to be constructed.

More Castle Builder Bonus Details

When eventually the castle has been completed, the Castle Builder player will be given an opportunity to choose one of the three possible suitors that are presented for the king’s daughter. However, each of these suitors is worth a different prize amount for the player. These prize amounts are based on the value of the castle that has been built. The three values of the suitors are shown underneath the progress bar which players can see in the top left hand corner of the game play interface. These values represent what each of the suitors is worth.

The Castle Builder online pokies NZ game continues on as players continue to build another castle. As each castle is completed, the player will start marrying off further daughters and sons of the King. Different Kings and even various Kingdoms become available as the game progresses. Players can double check their progress by clicking or tapping on the Map button that they will also see on the game interface.

Castle Builder Autoplay Option

The Castle Builder slots game has most of the features that are common on modern slots game. Of course the biggest benefit to playing these types of games is that players can really play at their convenience. In particular, this slots game is available at all times on a number of different sites.

Players can login and play directly from the screen of their mobile device, or otherwise from their computer at home. On the game interface, the auto spin button can be used if you want to play, but don’t have the time to actually sit and press the spin button each time.

The autoplay option can be turned on or off at any point. The Max Bet button will also allow players to place the maximum bet for the next spin, and as such have a chance of winning the main jackpot. Of course it is all up to the player to decide how they want to bet when playing.