Another game made available from Aristocrat, the Peacock Princess game certainly lives up to the high quality standards of this well known game developer. The Peacock Princess Aristocrat Slot game makes use of the popular Sparkling Jackpot feature, which is probably one of the main attractions of this game.

The Sparkling Jackpot feature is a common element amongst a number of different slots games, and is one of the features that many players look for in the new releases from Aristocrat. The Peacock Princess Aristocrat Slot is one of the newest releases from the developer. As would be expected from the name of the game, the main symbols of the game are the Princess and the Peacock symbols.

These symbols typically show up at different stages throughout the standard play of the game. However, when they do appear on the reels, this is when the slot game gets the most interesting. As such, players should look out for these symbols. Of course there are a number of other symbols that make up the Peacock Princess Game.

Full details about all of these symbols can be found on the paytable that goes along with the game. The pay table can be referred to at any time while you are playing. By referring to this resource, players can also see which the best winning combinations are, and how they can win the most by matching up certain symbols.

Peacock Princess Win Lines

Players of the Peacock Princess Aristocrat Slot might see some similarities between other slot games, such as the Queen of the Nile. However, this Peacock Princess Aristocrat Slot does offer players with a unique playing experience, particularly in terms of the bright colors, and the symbols that have been used.

The game does not offer a huge number of win lines, but perhaps this is a good thing for many players. Players can choose to activate up to 20 win lines. Australian pokies online players can set the coin values on the game very low, which is ideally suited to those players on a low budget. However, it is also possible to set coin values slightly higher, which of course might be better for players looking for bigger wins. Players should remember to refer to the paytable, as the size of the bet that is placed can have implications for the size of the potential jackpot prize that can be won.

Peacock Princess Aristocrat Slot Jackpots

The Peacock Princess Aristocrat Slot offers a total of 6 different jackpot prizes that players can win while playing. These have been divided into 2 different categories. The first category offers prizes that are much lower, and so are ideal for allowing the player to continue playing for longer, or for slowly accumulating some winnings. In the other category, players can win jackpot prizes of $500, and then even bigger jackpot amounts. These jackpots amounts can be won at the same time as some of the other regular reel wins. For full details on minimum bets and maximum jackpots, refer to the resources that the game provides for all its players.