Gin Rummy has been a top casino competitor for a long while, rivaling other classics like Blackjack and Poker. And while the latter may have surpassed this card game into the online world certainly, there are still lots of players keen to play. iPad Vegas three card rummy is not exactly traditional rummy, but it fuses aspects of the game with those of others, most notably Poker, and is ultimately a refreshing change from the standard card games. Preferably played on the iPad or other such tablets for their understandable perks, this game may not become a classic any time soon but still, its popularity has grown from somewhere and definitely for reasons.

Rules of iPad Vegas Three Card Rummy

The way this game is played is actually relatively simple to learn, even if players aren’t familiar with the classic rummy. The game is played with a 52 card deck, so no jokers, and is played against a dealer with the winner being the one who scores the least amount of points. The way the points system works in iPad Vegas three card rummy is that Ace stands for one point, the numbered cards stand for their respective number of points and the face cards are all worth 10 points each.

Players begin a round by placing an ante bet and, if they want, a bonus bet at online casino. The dealer then deals 3 cards to the players and themselves, with the latter face down. Now, the points system here becomes a little bit more complicated than simply adding up the points of each of the 3 cards. The exceptions to the rule of just adding up the points are when pretty much any combination resembling a poker hand is formed with the cards. This includes any pairs, 3 of a kind and 2 or more cards forming a straight flush. In these instances those cards involved have no points attached, reducing the overall total which again is the aim of iPad Vegas three card rummy.

Once players have seen their cards and added the total up they are then presented with the penultimate choice, whether to raise or fold. To fold is again the same as in poker at , forfeiture of the round and the bet. To raise the players bets again, equal to the ante bet, and then compares their cards with that of the dealer’s. The winner is ultimately the one with the least points. But it isn’t quite as simple as that as there are certain rules around the particular bets and their pay out protocols.

Appraising the Bets after the Round

At this point the player has compared their hands and points to that of the dealer and a winner has been discerned. This also means that the player has made at least two bets, the ante and the raise, and possibly a third bet, the bonus bet at the sites available on internet. In iPad Vegas three card rummy these 3 bets are each appraised differently. If the dealer scored more than 20 points then the player wins outright and only the ante pays, even money, whilst the others pass. As a broad sweeping statement, effectively the ante can only pay even money and does so as long as the player wins, the other two bets pay out depending on the points the player scored, irrespective of the dealer’s hand, and have dramatically increasing odds the lower the player’s points.