Ever since video poker was introduced in the 1970’s it has been incredibly popular, and by going online it’s gathered an even greater following. iPhone video poker now offers players the chance to enjoy this hybrid casino game whenever and wherever they choose, and all you need is an active internet connection in order to join in the fun.

iPhone video poker apps and instant play software has been created by the web’s leading online casino software developers and games that run smoothly on iOS are available at your fingertips.

Play a Game of Skill on iPhone

Video poker has plenty in common with slots games in that its fast-paced, requires no interaction with a dealer or any other players, and results are determined by a random number generator. The game does however differ in one major way, and unlike slots, video poker is a game that’s outcome can be influenced by a players skill and strategy.

In iPhone poker there are a finite number of card combinations that can occur as there are only so many cards. Generally 52 cards, or 53 if playing Jokers Wild, are involved in the game, and a finite number of possibilities therefor occur. As all possible card combinations are known, players can calculate what their chances are of a particular outcome and opt to make a move that will best benefit them.

iPhone Video Poker at its Optimum

iPhone video poker is an easy game to learn and with intuitive navigation and a touch screen, players will immediately be immersed in a realistic gaming experience. Although there are several different styles of video poker available, with the most popular being Jacks or Better, every game plays out in almost the same way, but odds may differ greatly.

Before playing any video poker game you can always check out the paytable to determine what winnings per hand are on offer and this makes it even easier to choose a game that really suits you.

iPhone video poker brings all the excitement of a modern casino game to your mobile device and lets you enjoy world class entertainment anywhere, anytime.

Great Odds on the Go

Aside from being a game that can be influenced by the use of skill, iPhone video poker has some of the best possible odds in a casino-online, land based or mobile. In comparison to slots, players are around 5 times more likely to have a winning hand and to be rewarded with a generous payout.

Thanks to free iPhone video poker players are able to refine strategies and learn how to play before they commit to real money bets. The convenience and freedom that the iPhone has to offer is also incredible and being able to play a quick hand of video poker anywhere you choose is undeniably very appealing. New players can refine their skills whilst on the move and seasoned payers can enjoy iPhone video poker for real money in any environment they desire. Every free moment can be turned into a winning opportunity and with top online casino developers optimising video poker games; you won’t ever have to compromise on quality.