Speed Poker is an online variant of Texas Hold ‘em and the hand rankings and game play are identical.

How to Play Speed Poker

The difference with speed poker is that players have a time limit to decide how to proceed.  With Speed Poker players have 15 seconds for each play or the hand becomes dead.  There is usually a 30 second extension allowed for each player per game.  Part of Speed Poker strategy is when to use the extension.  This game is not only fast because of the time limit imposed on each hand, but because Speed Poker is only played online there is no dealer having to count chips, collect and shuffle the deck or deal new hands.  Like any game, the more it is played the easier it will become.

When a round of Speed Poker starts the table will have other players and a round of cards will be dealt.  Players will be able to fold, raise or call, the difference is players can fold and immediately move to the next table without having to play out the hand.  At this point a speed fold button will appear.  If players do not have a good hand they can use this button to fold.  Remember that time is essential.  Players will then move to the next table and a new hand will be dealt.  There is no time wasting with Speed Poker!

Speed Poker Strategy and Tips

There is definitely a strategy involved in Street Poker and the objective of this game is not to win every hand, but to decide when to play and when to fold.  Some Speed Poker strategists say it is best to only play a few hands and play them aggressively.  Also it is good to know how much to bet before the time so that players are in a good position during the betting rounds.

Although time is an important factor players should not feel intimidated and the fact that players are anonymous should be seen as a benefit during Speed Poker.  Traditional poker and online poker differ in that there is no dealer and no other players to observe, that is there are no poker faces when playing Speed Poker.

A good way to learn is to play it for free, and these are often offered without having to make a deposit.  Players can try out the game and try out different strategies and learn the rules of the game, without risking real money.  This will be of great help when playing for real money.  It may be helpful to some players to watch the Speed Poker tournaments on television for example the World Speed Poker Open.  This is a great way to learn from the professionals and to gain insight into this fast paced game.

This Poker is great for players who do not have much time as it is much faster than traditional poker and there is no waiting while other players finish their round.