Slots are extremely popular in both land based casinos as well as online casinos.  Slots are based purely on luck so no time needs to be spent on strategies or special gaming techniques.  They offer Canadian players great graphics, sound, animations and a host of different themes to choose from.

Themed slots are widely played and software developers are constantly developing new slots which include specially developed games for special events such as the Olympics or Sporting World Cups.  Developers also produce slots around certain times of the year such as Christmas or St Patricks Day.  Canadian players will have a range of themed slots to choose from.

Slots with Movie Themes

Movie themed slots are always a great favourite among Canadian slots players and these games are based on movies.  Many of these slots can be played for free or real money at various online casinos and because this theme is so popular they are always a great option.  Many movie themed slots will feature the main characters from the movie as well as incorporating parts of the movie and using them as bonus games or symbols.  Software developers will also include the theme song which plays during the game.  Popular movie themed slots include Tomb Raider, Lord of the Rings, Robocop, Terminator and many many more to choose from.

Slots Based on TV Shows

There are also a wide range of slots based on popular TV shows that Canadian players can choose from.  These slots are based on adventure, reality or drama series.  Popular TV themed slots include X-Factor, Wheel of Fortune, Family Guy, a range of CSI slots, Sex and the City, Pawn Stars and Who Wants to be a Millionaire.  These TV themed slots will also feature characters from the shows as well as theme songs and symbols.  Canadian players will find these slots entertaining as they will already be familiar with the various shows.

3D Slots

Technology has advanced and developers have realised that casino pokies online players need to have a unique gaming experience.  3D slots are one of the most recent developments and offer players high quality graphics which offer a much better slots experience.  3D slots are much clearer and the games have the capacity to offer more detail.  Popular 3D slots include games such as Under the Bed, It Came from Venus, Under the Sea and Sushi Bar.  3D slots also feature exciting bonus rounds together with animations which are really the key to a great slot.

Magic Themed Slots

Online slots with a magic theme offer players an adventure into the world of the unknown and with magic themed slots the excitement never ends and players are entertained with magic spells or adventures into magic forests or they have to solve difficult puzzles or riddles to move on to the next level.  Most people are intrigued by magic and playing slots is a great way to take part in this world.  Popular magic themed slots include Legend of Terra, Illusionist, Genie’s Fortune and Wonders of Magic.

Online casino slots are always a favourite option and with such a wide variety of themes to choose from Canadian players will have slots to play for years to come.