Online bingo games have fast become one of the most popular ways to play the traditional game of bingo. The first version of the game created more than 500 years ago in Italy. This game, the Lo Gioco del Lotto d’Italia Italian lottery, was first played in 1530. It is though that this lottery game was the initial predecessor to our modern version of bingo.

Modern bingo was popularised by Edwin S. Lowe many centuries later. Lowe was intrigued by the game of Beano, which was popular at the time, and he decided to introduce the game to his friends and family. During a game of Beano, a player became overexcited, crying out ‘Bingo!’ instead of ‘Beano!’ and creating the name of the game still played all over the world today.

Enjoy Bingo Games Online

Nowadays, online bingo games can be played from anywhere across the globe. Players can play bingo games on their computers, smartphones and tablets, with only a charged battery and an internet connection required. Bingo games can be downloaded onto these devices, or players can enjoy bingo games with Flash and HTML-5 technology from their web browsers. Online bingo is also available to players in most regions, and many regions where online casinos are restricted are still allowed to play bingo at foreign-hosted casino sites.

Bingo Games and Mini Games

The range of bingo games available online is generally much wider than the ranges available at land-based bingo halls. Players choosing to play bingo games online can choose from 30, 75, 80 (for this variant, follow this site) and 90 ball bingo versions and a variety of diverse themes. Certain games even combine bingo game play with that of other casino games to create completely unique bingo variations.

The waiting periods between online games are shorter than those in land-based bingo, and online casinos offer a number of mini games that players can play during these waiting periods. Also featured are dedicated bingo chat rooms and chat room moderators to keep the conversations going.

Play Multiple Games

Players also have a number of options online that are not available in land-based games, such as being able to play multiple bingo games at once, purchase many cards for the same game and purchase tickets in advance to play bingo games at a later stage. Players looking to find online casinos offering these services can consult a number of online bingo directories and reviews to find recommended licensed casinos.

Secure Online Payment Options

Players can choose to play bingo games online for play money at no cost to them, or play real money bingo games. Real money online bingo games offer jackpots that may be either of a fixed value or progressive in nature, and players will need to complete just a simple registration process to access these games. From there, players can make cash deposits to play bingo games with a variety of online payment options while their personal details remain confidential. Certified online casinos use security measures such as encryption and secure servers to protect players’ information at all times.

Bonuses and Promotions

Signing up to play bingo games for real money may also see players being awarded a number of welcome, deposit, reload and refer-a-fried bonuses. Most online casinos also have loyalty programmes in place to reward their players for consistently playing bingo games online.