Progressive jackpots are jackpots that increase each time a player places a bet whether it be a slot or a table game.  These jackpots will increase until there is a winner.  Progressive jackpots are won when a player hits a winning set of symbols while playing online slots or a royal flush when playing Poker online.  Progressive jackpots vary in size and Canadian players can expect jackpots ranging from thousands to even millions of dollars.  Progressive jackpots come in different forms.  There are jackpots which are attached to single games or a casino and then there are jackpots that multiple casinos share.

How does It Work?

Online casinos will take a percentage of each bet to put into the progressive jackpot pool and this is done in various ways.

Slots have a percentage of the bet already built into it and players can usually bank on less frequent wins which will balance out the potential for a big payout.

When Canadian players play table games the contribution to the progressive jackpot is done through a side bet.  If a player wins the jackpot there are usually rules which ensures that the subsequent jackpot can start.  Some online casinos will pay out 90% of the jackpot and keep back 10% to put into the new jackpot pool.

Casino Games Featuring Progressive Jackpots

For players looking for online casino gambling with a progressive jackpot the following games have them.  In Blackjack the progressive jackpots are based on a player that has four Aces or three sevens if the dealer also has a seven.  Players will need to place a bet on another square to take part and may get the chance for payouts for pairs of sevens.  Blackjack progressive jackpots are often very generous with seven figure jackpots being paid out.

Online slots have the largest range of games with progressive jackpots.  The contribution to the jackpot pool is already built in which means players do not have to make a separate bet for a chance to win.  Slots do have smaller payouts and these will help players keep their bankroll healthy.

Caribbean Stud is a version of standard Poker and in order for players to win the progressive jackpot they will have to have a Royal Flush.  Players will have to pay extra fees for flushes, full houses, four of a kind and a Straight Flush.  Poker games like Texas Hold ‘em also has progressive jackpots which are won when players get a “bad beat”, such as a player who loses to a four of a kind or eights or better.  Some progressive jackpot rules may also stipulate that players may have to have both of their hole-cards to win.

The side bets that Canadian players contribute to the jackpot pool often have a house edge of over 40% which is very large.  The smaller payouts do help players as the game progresses and as they try to win the big payout.  Even though the house edge is so large there are still thousands of online casino players playing games offering a progressive jackpot.  Many of them have even experienced that big payout.