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Author: Raul M. Schall

Check out Hot Molten Money Slot’s Basics Online

Hot Molten Money is a slot game by Williams Interactive that is based on the early days of heavy manufacturing businesses, back in the profitable industrial era in the city of Detroit fifty years ago. The game features WMS Gaming’s Reel Intensity series that comes with their well known wager saver and bonus…

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An Exclusive Guide to Playing at Casumo Online Casino

Casumo Casino was launched in 2012 and has steadily grown their membership to the point where they are now considered to be one of the top online casinos. Casumo casino sets itself apart from the many other online casinos with a bright, colourful and extremely friendly environment that contains a whole swathe of…

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A Quick Look at Internet Gambling Platform – Betsafe Online Casino

Betsafe casino started life in 2006 as an online sports bookie. The company grew until 2009 when Betsafe Poker and Betsafe Casino was launched. In 2010 the company started promoting the Gumball 3000 Rally and boasted 450 000 customers. In 2014 they paid out one the largest jackpot wins at over €3 000…

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A Guide to Playing Baseball Poker Game

Poker stands as one of the most commonly played and well-known card games, and is played across the world. Said to have been introduced in the early 1800s, with four players betting on who they thought had the most valuable hand and using a deck of 20 cards.

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A Quick Look at Duplicate Poker for Players

Gaming fans have always found Poker attractive because it combines the luck of the cards with the skills of assessing odds, betting and bluffing, so a player is more in charge of their own fate than, say, a roulette fan. However, the element of random chance in the shuffling of the cards gets…

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Exploring the Casino Game Speed Poker Online

Speed Poker is an online variant of Texas Hold ‘em and the hand rankings and game play are identical.

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A Quick Look at Popular Slot Themes for Casino Players

Slots are extremely popular in both land based casinos as well as online casinos.  Slots are based purely on luck so no time needs to be spent on strategies or special gaming techniques.  They offer Canadian players great graphics, sound, animations and a host of different themes to choose from.

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Progressive Jackpots Explained for Players Online

Progressive jackpots are jackpots that increase each time a player places a bet whether it be a slot or a table game.  These jackpots will increase until there is a winner.  Progressive jackpots are won when a player hits a winning set of symbols while playing online slots or a royal flush when…

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Secure Online Casino Options for Dubai

With so many different secure online casino options available the process of getting involved in this scene is becoming easier and easier. For Dubai players these options are quite extensive but at the same time rather simple to interpret and understand. Starting with the security online players involved can uncover the inner workings…

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